Coaches come in all shapes and sizes, they have different styles, processes and experience. Many are trained or accredited others are experienced in life/business but with no formal training. Some cost the earth and some seem too cheap to be any good.. 
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So picking one to work with you and help you to develop yourself or your business should be easy! 
Unfortunately, that’s not always the case as with all things in life if we are going to invest our money and time to buying services we should have a foundation of questions or checklist from which to start our search. 
Here at The Business Box we think the following points are a great start to knowing what you should be looking for in a coach. 
Strong Chemistry 
Make sure you like the coach you will be spending a significant amount of time with talking to them about your goals, fears and development. Test out to see if the conversation flows, it might be strange at first but if your build rapport quickly that’s a good indicator this could be the right coach for you. How does the coach approach your first interaction? What’s the percentage of conversation flow more you or them? Do you get the sense of honesty from them and are you comfortable in their company? 
Accountability and Challenge 
Can you see your prospective coach holding you accountable? More importantly can you see yourself taking challenge and feedback from them. Does their style of challenge feel empowering and supportive? Do you think they will provide a strong base for you to work from. You should rely on your coach being 100% honest with you, but in a way that doesn’t offend or upset you. 
Skills to Support and Develop 
The coach you choose should be someone who can help support you in discussion around business, but also someone who has differing skills to you, where they can help you develop knowledge, skills and understanding, which you take take forward for years to come. 
Your Business Champion 
Ask questions of your prospective coach to understand how they will prove their genuine interest and support for your business. A good coach will have real sense of you and your business, along with its aims and culture. Whilst they aren’t there to secure you work within your business, they will know enough about your business to recognise opportunities to alert you to. 
Honesty, Trustworthiness, Objective 
Look for someone who knows they failed at times in their own life and business – but learnt lessons for these failures. Be 100% convinced that you will trust this person with your “talk” and “problems”. They will be your confidante, you will share problems with them which will lead to discussions that no one else in your organisation will ever know about. The ability to offload is vital for any business owner, executive or manager. Can your coach be objective, understand and empathise whilst building an emotional awareness in you, that develops your confidence and personal critiquing. 
Can They Stimulate You 
The business coach you choose should in our opinion swing between a hybrid of coach and mentor to support you. Without the doubt the thing they should give most attention to is your thoughts and instincts. They should be active listeners and creative questioners and their role is to get the very best from your brain and your thoughts. A coach should dovetail with you to complement the knowledge you already have within you. 
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