Clarity4D Communcation Profiling 

Clarity4D is a simple to understand, cost-effective profiling tool, which really puts communication at the heart of any organisation. 
Focused on open, honest, effective interactions which gets to the heart of the communcation quicker and with great effect. Simple! 
What will Clarity4D do for your organisation: 
• Increase productivity and performance 
• Manage change more effectively 
• Explore the unique strengths, styles and capabilities of the team 
• Develop trust to build stronger relationships 
• Begin having courageous conversations 
• Create shared vision and values for the team 
• Create team charters, supporting shared behavioural standards and boundaries 
• Develop people management skills 
• Create an environment of accountability across the team 


Our Clarity4D training gives individuals through their own personality profiling report. They look at their communication preferences, their strengths and development areas around communication. Talking about how individual styles interact with others and the impact on you, others and the organisation. 
Through the training, you will develop the skills to find clues in others that point towards their communication preferences. You’ll develop skills to improve and embed new thoughts around how to adapt your style to make you a communication chameleon at all levels. 
Our team profile maps out the profile's preferences you have in your team, we can see details on how many ‘action’ orientated individuals are in your team, whether you have your got anyone in the team naturally inclined towards the ‘detailed’ work. Where are your ‘creativities’ and who are the natural ‘trainers’ of your organisation. 

Why Clarity4D 

There are many psychometric models on the market that offer in-depth psychological profiles, which can be too deep and complicated for many people to embed to their behaviour and communication style and as such is time and money wasted. 
Clarity4D is very simply different in that is: 
• Simple to understand and assimilate quickly into your communication style. 
• It’s affordable meaning that individuals and whole organisations can benefit. 
• It’s already proven on the Global market with companies such as BP, Serco, Hotel Chocolat and Asda, XPO  
already benefiting. 
• It is an Effective learning and development tool that is reported by clients to be between 85%-95% accurate in  
its profiling. 
Clients tell us it's been revolutionary in opening up and improving communication both within their organisation and beyond. 
The Business Box and Clarity4D 
Accredited and fully trained Clarity4D specialists, The Business-Box trainers can really unlock people's understanding of their communication, resulting in tangible benefits to your organisation. 
Contact us at hello@thebusiness-box.co.uk or call us on 01908 299164 
for a coffee and a chat to see how Clarity4D can support your organisation. 
Unlock The Box to discover your true potential 
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