The Business Box Coaching Services 

We provide a full range of coaching services including Executive, Business, Life, Career coaching, though qualified and accredited coaches.  
With a variety of solutions to match individual's and organisational needs, including 
Group Sessions for businesses 
Indvidual sessions for business and personal 
Skype sessions 
All of our coaching is; client focused, confidential and takes a future focused positive approach. 
Signs You Might Need A Coach to support you in business or with life's challenges: 
You know what you need to do, but your not doing it.You aren't getting the results you want. 
You're Overwhelmed 
You need a confidant to talk with about your business/life 
You want to be more efficient and cost effective. 
You only have your own ideas to listen to. 
You want your company to grow 
You want to grow and move forward 


The main aim of coaching is to enable you to become better at what you do, how you think, how you engage...it's all about bringing the best out of you.. 
When it comes to training it's about honing skills, upskilling or teaching new skills. 
Regardless of the size of your business or organisation everyone can benefit from coaching or training...you, your employees, your stakeholders and your clients.  
Remember, every successful athlete has a coach and training to bring out the winner in them. 


Coaching, whether for Business or Life provides you with time out of the to work to stimulate your THOUGHTS around; what’s working well, what’s not working as well and how you can make changes to improve or develop your business/life 
Coaching helps you to develop and implement a set of ACTIONS aimed to inspire growth in business or you as a person. 
Coaching gives you support and encourgement as you GROW within your business or life challenges helping you celebrate your wins and understand the emotions which come with this development. 
The Business Box Coaching 
As kids, we have teachers, sports coaches, tutors -- but as we get older, we often overlook the importance of having a coach for both our business endeavors and our personal lives. 
If you have thought about coaching but not ventured down that path or you have been put off by a poor coaching experience in the past or maybe you have never thought about coaching but would like to find out more. Then we are here and happy to talk to you. 
Executive Coaching: 
Considered a must have tool for highly effective organisations, enabling the development of executives and managers in strong leadership, communication and resilience skills. For organisations who want to increase productivity, improve staff engagement and better the business prospects that they offer to their clients 
Introducing regular coaching programmes for CEO’s, Directors and Managers adds tangible benefits to companies developing their management teams and the wider employee base. 
Benefits of Executive Coaching: 
Greater self-awareness in their management roles. 
Improved Leadership skills, exploring their leadership role, style and impact. to benefit their organisation. 
Increasing the knowledge of how and why we react the way we do and the impact that has on our role in an organisation. 
Uncovering understanding of the way we prepare, communicate and handle interactions with staff and clients alike. 
Explore thoughts and proposed actions in the implementation of their role. 
Developing great self confidence in delivery of duties and organisational goals. 
Our Executive Coaching service 
Provided on a regular basis agreed with the organisation, in two hour sessions. 
An engagement contract is set up between “the client” (the organisation), “the Coachee” (the individual) and the Coach. 
The sessions are run on a confidential, forward focused approach. 
Topics of discussion come from the executive and are explored through questioning and creative methods which our experienced coaches bring to the sessions. 
Follow up telephone, email and skype support is offered to everyone in between sessions. 
For an initial chat simply call us on 01908 380402 or email hello@thebusiness-box.co.uk 
Unlock The Box to discover your true potential 
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