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Businesses get busy!...and when they do it's not always possible to keep on track and develop new plans for the next growth phase while you're busy doing the day to day stuff.  
That's where we can help. Our business consultancy support services can step in and handle everything from support work to project management and business plan delivery. 
We take our skills and experience and apply them practically to support our clients' needs. 
Some examples of our consultancy services are: 
Drawing up their business plan timetables. 
Social Media marketing delivery for small business. 
Administrative Support Services. 
Creating and writing marketing plans. 
Project managing a re-launch of a business. 
Undertaking the delivery against brief of marketing campaigns. 
Work Place Mediation. 
Business Consultancy services 
Our Business consultancy services were developed from our client requests for more hands on approach to business. 
We have a number of clients who are great at what they do, but sometimes when it comes to areas like drawing up business or marketing plans, or running a specific marketing campaign, they don’t have the time or all the skills readily to hand. Our services provide a flexible and cost effective route for clients who would rather concentrate their time on delivering their expertise to their customers. 
If you would like to know more about our business training courses and how we can support your objectives then get in touch 
Simply call us on 01908 380402 or email hello@thebusiness-box.co.uk 
Unlock The Consultancy Box to drive your business forward 
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