The Business Box Workplace Mediation 

From time to time all organisations can suffer from situations where employees don't see eye to eye, communication becomes difficult and conflict can build. 
This leads to loss of productivity, a decrease in morale, an increase in stress related illness and, in some cases, the raising of grievances. Taking action through independent mediation is a valuable, cost effective intervention which helps individuals return the balance to their relationships. 
Proven benefits of mediation intervention are: 
Time Savings for managers and HR. 
Avoiding formal procedures for organisations. 
Improving sickness absence costs of individuals 
Turning around possible negative effects on 
Improving staff morale. 
Workplace Mediation services: 
Totally Independent Service. 
Informal process NOT forming part of the HR procedures. 
Voluntary process for all parties. 
Complete confidentiality for individuals involved. 
Solution focused towards resolution. 
The Business Box Mediation 
Mediation is different from adversarial processes, as the focus is on the needs and interests of the parties. 
The emphasis being on helping both parties take responsibility for the outcome. Workplace mediation is a positive opportunity for people to resolve practical problems and interpersonal issues. 
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Unlock The Mediation Box to bring harmony to life and business. 
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